What's the cheapest and tastiest cut of steak?

What's the cheapest and tastiest cut of steak?


Fatty and Rich or Tender as it gets?

From what I can tell, there are two types of steak eaters: Those who love a rich, fatty steak such as a ribeye; and those who prefer tenderness over all other factors, and will choose a beef tenderloin as the best steak.

Fat and Rich Fans: "Beef Coppa" sounds almost as good as it tastes..

If you’re from the rich/fatty group of people as I am, my new go-to is the “Beef Coppa”. This is a modified group of muscles from the shoulder which are well marbled with a natural tenderness. The easiest way to think of this steak is ½ ribeye and ½ strip steak. Cook this steak sous vide at 134 degrees for 20 hours, give it a nice sear, slice against the grain and thank us later. It’s one of the cheapest steaks we sell, and one of our favorites!

 A lesson on Tender

If you’re from the lean and tender camp, my go-to steak would be the sirloin steak. Keep in mind that all sirloin steaks are not created equally. Most often, if you buy a sirloin steak in a restaurant or grocery store, what you get is a cross cut steak from a whole top sirloin. That will give you a steak made of 3 distinctly different cuts with connective tissue running between each. In this case, I would agree that it’s not the finest steak. The way that we cut the sirloin steak at Farm Field Table is to seam out each muscle, remove all connective tissue, and cut from individual muscles. The result is a lean and tender steak with a similar look and performance to a filet mignon (tenderloin).