Principles of Cooking Meat Class 2 reviews $ 100.00
Join us for this three hour course as Chef Matt discusses every thing from the classes and identifiers of meat, the functionality of muscles and fat, and the proper use of salt, acid and heat: with demos including introductory sous vide techniques and more.  Whether your a novice home cook or a full time pit master, this course will surely teach you a few new tricks.  Members attend classes for FREE!!
Small Game Butchery Class 1 review $ 85.00
This hands on course covers the processing of poultry, waterfowl and rabbit. We will cover: How to truss poultry A 6 piece and 8 piece poultry breakdown How to prepare an airline breast  Semi-Boneless halved chicken How to spatchcock poultry A 6 piece rabbit breakdown  You will also get to take home a chicken and a rabbit to practice your new skills!  Members attend for FREE!
What Does Animal Welfare Really Look Like? $ 25.00
Part of our mission is to find farmers that provide the best life for their animals while still maintaining top quality meat. Often we get asked, "What does that actually look like?" While the answer isn't always cut and dry, Chef Matt will replace his butcher apron for some barn boots in this course on what quality care really looks like. Some key topics will include: What is quality meat Grass fed vs. Grain fed Pastured meat: what role it plays on human, animal AND land health The use of antibiotics Holistic eating and the results it has on animal welfare Members attend for FREE!!