Pork Heritage Bacon 13 reviews $ 13.99
16 oz. of dry-cured Michigan heritage bacon. Each batch of bacon takes a minimum of 16 days to make and all along the way we take deliberate steps to encourage evaporation. The result? Pure, condensed bacon flavor. It's been described as a "game-changer".  
Pork Chop, Bone In 9 reviews $ 9.29 $ 9.99
Cut from the loin of the animal. These are tender, flavorful and a great addition to the grill. Approx. 14oz
Ground Pork 5 reviews $ 5.99
Ground heritage pork that is free from seasoning. 1 lb.  Why is our heritage pork so special? Read This>>
Pork Sage Breakfast Sausage, Bulk 4 reviews $ 6.99 $ 6.99
Freshly chopped sage gives this pork sausage a fresh and natural flavor. This breakfast sausage is great for Sunday morning meals, or for the meal pepper who needs a protein packed breakfast option. This bulk sausage comes in 1lb and packages
Pork Spare Ribs 4 reviews $ 19.99
2 - 3 lb
Pork Shank 2 reviews $ 17.49
This skinless shank is cut with the bone-in center, ready to roast or braise. Approximately 1.5-2.5lb
Pork Belly 1 review $ 23.99
One place where BACON comes from. Cut into 3 lb sections. 
Pork Sirloin $ 26.49
3 - 4 lb
Pork Bones, Assorted 1 review $ 12.50
Making an authentic pork ramen broth? We have you covered.  This is a 5 lb bag package of pork bones is an assortment of all bones including some knuckle and long bones.   
Pork Steak 1 review $ 7.99