-16% sale
Beef and Breakfast Package
Beef and Breakfast Package $ 75.99 $ 89.90
5 lbs. of our local dry-aged ground beef and 5 lb of our pork sage breakfast sausage. Our ground beef is dry-aged in-house for a minimum of 7 days.
-19% sale
Bird and Beef Package
Bird and Beef Package $ 50.00 $ 61.44
One whole local, free-range, pasture-raised chicken ( 3.5 - 4.5 lb) and 5 lb dry-aged local ground beef. 
Butcher's Choice Package
Butcher's Choice Package from $ 120.00
Our butchers will choose an assortment of 8 lb to 12 lb of our finest grass-fed, grain-finished beef, heritage raised pork, pastured turkey, pastured chicken, or local lamb. The package is designed to serve two people and includes: Two steaks (butchers choice) Examples include flank, hanger, bavette, denver, strips, tenderloin, picanha, ribeye, or many other cuts. Butchers choice One lb of breakfast sausage or bacon, butchers choice Ground beef Pork, lamb, chicken, or turkey Due to the nature and price of this package, we kindly decline requests for customization. 
-9% sale
Butcher's Family Deal
Butcher's Family Deal $ 199.99 $ 218.94
The butcher's family deal is the best value to get grass-fed, grain-finished beef to the table.  1 whole local free-range chicken (3.5 - 4 lb) 3 packages of Hotdogs, 1 lb 5 lb ground burger 8 count hamburger patties 7oz 8 count Mulefoot hamburger 7oz patties. (These are the same burgers designed and sold at the award-winning Mulefoot Gastropub.) 5 lb breakfast sausage or 2 lb bacon. Butcher's choice. 
-16% sale
Ribeye and Strip Steak Package
Ribeye and Strip Steak Package $ 149.99 $ 176.93
This grass-fed grain-finished beef ribeye steak is the Cadillac of steaks. Enjoy a package of 4 ct. (14-16 oz) boneless ribeye steaks and 4 ct. (12-14oz) strip steaks of our local beef. 
-13% sale
Smoke Box
Smoke Box $ 145.00 $ 165.00
This package is for those who want to break out the smoker.  Full chicken (3.5-4.5 lb) 1/2 brisket  Pork roast Cured pork belly or cured Jowl (Butcher's Choice)  Chef Matt's favorite Fennel and ancho chili rub