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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a farm?

Yes, we have a farm in Imlay City, MI and we raise around 100 heritage hogs including mulefoot, mangalitsa, some red wattles, and a handful of duroc pigs. Our pigs are pastured on about 10 acres and they eat all of the fruit and vegetable scraps from our family owned restaurant which greatly reduces our waste that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

Our pigs are supplemented with "ugly" or "bruised" vegetables from local farms during spring through the fall seasons which further reduces waste (these vegetables would be discarded). We also raise a few dairy goats, chickens, ducks occasionally, a horse and ponies. Additionally, we grow a vegetable garden for The Mulefoot Gastropub and for personal use. 

Are your products certified organic?

Some of our products are certified organic, but many of our farmers do not pursue certification. We use a variety of small farms so our certified organic products change from day to day. 

What's your stance on antibiotics?

We source our products from small farms who use humane practices and pasture their animals which greatly reduces, or even eliminates the need for antibiotics. Our animals never come from concentrated animal feed operations (CAFO's) and our farmers never feed antibiotic spiked foods; which has been linked to antibiotic resistance and the development of super-bugs. We believe that it's appropriate to use antibiotics only if an animal is sick to help it heal quickly and comfortably. If antibiotics are needed, the animal is sequestered from the herd and never allowed to go to market until the antibiotics have completely passed through their system. 

What's your stance on hormones?

Never. Never eva, eva, eva? Nope. 

Hormones are used in commercial operations where animals are grown quickly, and therefore profitably. We believe that slow natural growth is paramount in producing healthy, high quality, and humane products.  

Is in store pricing and online pricing the same?

Our online and retail stores have different business models and different operating costs. Due to those factors our pricing can differ from online to retail.

Does free shipping include all of the United States?

No, Free shipping is included to states where we can ship in 24 hours with standard shipping. MI, OH, and some parts of NY and IL. Other states are not included in our free shipping offer. We will ship out of state but there will be additional charges.

What is your shipping time for online orders?

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping. This may be longer for west coast and southern US orders. We use UPS shipping.




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