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The Trusted Butcher To Michigan’s Finest Chefs

When Michigan’s most acclaimed chefs want a cut of meat that will make their customers fall back in their chairs, we’re the name they call. That’s because we’re not just suppliers; we’re collaborators. We speak the language of the kitchen because that’s where our quest began. Our mission is to bring these cuts to your family’s and friend’s dinner table. We not only sell to the finest restaurants, but we have a counter with the finest cuts waiting for you at our shop.

Why Farm to Table?

Like you, we know how difficult it can be to make a real connection to where our food comes from because we’ve been searching for the same thing for a long time. The benefits of buying local are something that every grocery store has been trying to capitalize on with buzzwords like Local, Organic, Free-Range, but how do we really know if they’re delivering?
By truly buying from local farmers, you are a part of a community that is focused on your family’s health, supporting small farming businesses that are being pushed out by Big Box companies, helping the environment by not making your dinner travel thousands of miles to your table, and enjoying the superior taste of a properly raised protein.
100% of our farmers are local within 300 miles. Many of them are like family to us and will be to you too. We’ve toured their farms, met their children and watched them nourish their animals with pride. Tending to our own family farm has put dirt on our hands and discernment in our partnerships. We know what quality looks like, and understand what it requires.
We seek out small family farms, the ones where the animals have names and the farmers have standards no level of certification could begin to quantify. Some raise just ten pigs at a time, none use antibiotics, and all operate with a dedication to quality that you’ll taste in every mouth-watering bite.

Uncovering the Butcher’s Secrets

There are cuts that we all know, and comfortable with. These are the classics, and to be clear, most of these are classics for a reason; Ribeyes, Tenderloins, Pork Butts, Chicken Breasts, and Pork Ribs. Don’t be mistaken, we love these cuts too, but we’re here to help you unearth the secrets that you will not find in most (if any) grocery store meat departments. We are of course talking about the unsung heroes of the animals we all eat, the secondary magic that only a butcher will bring you.
Not everyone knows that hidden in the cows we eat are amazing cuts that many of our guests have turned into some of our most sought after cuts. Ever wondered what it would be like to experience a cut that feels like someone combined a Ribeye and a New York Strip? Meet the Denver Steak. Want a Pork Tenderloin that won’t dry out or sacrifice the tenderness we all love? Allow us to introduce the Pork Leg Fillet.   

Farm Field Table vs Big Box Stores

We are here to welcome you into the community of having a connection to your food. Something to keep in mind when shopping from a grocery store meat counter is that it’s not unreasonable to expect the same product to be available every day. When meat comes out of a box, it’s not hard to keep it in stock because the grocery store will call a mass factory, and it’s precut ready to go in a day’s notice. At Farm Field Table, we are only given the gifts that each animal produces. For example, a cow only produces so many Ribeye, so much Fillet. When shopping with us, you are part of a collective community that is all sharing the same animals. As a result, the case we have waiting for you in our shop is different every day.  To be sure that we’re here for you, we’ve opened the doors for our guests to place orders to secure the cuts they desire the most.  We're looking forward to your order! Give us a call at (248) 509-8555 or email our Retail Manager, 


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