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Butcher's Choice Package 59 reviews from $ 126.00 $ 129.99
Our butchers will choose an assortment of 8 lb to 12 lb of our finest grass-fed, grain-finished beef, heritage raised pork, pastured turkey, pastured chicken, or local lamb. The package is designed to serve two people and includes: Two steaks (butchers choice) Examples include flank, hanger, bavette, denver, strips, tenderloin, picanha, ribeye, or many other cuts. Butchers choice One lb of breakfast sausage or bacon, butchers choice Ground beef Pork, lamb, chicken, or turkey Due to the nature and price of this package, we kindly decline requests for customization. 
Butcher's Share Subscription 80 reviews from $ 137.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our packages consist of grass-fed grain-finished beef, heritage pork, and naturally raised poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on sustainable farms we know and trust. Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (8-11 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (16-22 lb).  The butchers will hand-select rotational options that are shipped to your door monthly for free.  Monthly Items to expect in your subscription: Bacon or breakfast sausage Hand-cut steaks Rotational poultry cuts Rotational pork
Filet Mignon and Ribeye Package 8 reviews $ 220.99 $ 280.00
Locally sourced grass-fed grain-finished steaks that are ready for salt, pepper, and grill marks. Online only!  4 ct. (8oz.) Filet Mignon Steaks4 ct. (14-16oz) Boneless Ribeye Steaks  
Not Your Grocers Steak Box 2 reviews $ 129.99 $ 149.99
Do you crave a little butcher shop adventure? If you're bored with a ribeye, strip, or filet this is for you. If you like saving a little $$$ for incredible steaks this is for you.  You'll get 8-10 lb of the cuts butchers like to keep to themselves. Lucky for you, we're pretty cool and we're not a boring grocery store meat counter.  This online only box will feature a rotation of our favorites, which could include:  Hanger steak  Flat Iron Tri Tip Spider steak Skirt steak Denver steak  Flank Steak Baseball Steak Hanger steak Picanha Sirloin steak Bavette Under Blade Steak Merlot Cut Steak Teres Major Chuck Eye Steak Heart of Clod and MANY more!     
Ribeye and Strip Steak Package 47 reviews $ 229.99 $ 249.99
This grass-fed grain-finished beef ribeye steak is the Cadillac of steaks. Enjoy an online only package of 4 ct. (14-16 oz) boneless ribeye steaks and 4 ct. (12-14oz) strip steaks of our local beef. 
Whole Beef Tenderloin (Deposit) 5 reviews $ 75.00
The whole tenderloin roast is a premier cut for your holiday dinner. This is the roast the filet mignon comes from and weighs between four and five lb. This roast can typically feed between 8 and 12 people.     This is a deposit. The final weight will be billed before shipping or at pick up. Market Rate per lb

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